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Being a Responsible Business

We believe in taking care of our planet. A big part of our business mission at Bodha is to be as ethical and environmentally responsible as we can be. We’re constantly working on ways to reduce our impact on this planet we all call home.

Responsible Packaging

From the start, we were against using unsustainable plastic bottles for Bodha soft drinks. Instead, we’ve partnered with a glass bottle maker. Our bottles are made of thin glass, meaning less packaging per drink.

To top it off, our bottles are produced locally in the UK; fewer bottle miles means less overall energy needed to produce and transport our sparkling beverages.

Responsible Bottling

All of our drinks are bottled here in the UK. 

As well as reducing our carbon footprint, local bottling also means we can keep an eye on the bottling process — quality control at every step.

Responsible Ingredients

When crafting our range of drinks, we sought out the best ingredients from the most ethical sources.

As a new company, we’ve chosen suppliers who have purposeful sustainability policies. As we grow, we’ll continue to consider our impact on the environment and the community and place these considerations at the forefront of our decisions.