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About Us

The Idea

Picture this: you’re out for the evening at the new Indian restaurant in town, dipping chapati into an aromatic rogan josh or an emerald-green palak paneer.

It’s almost perfect, but you crave something refreshing and light to sip between mouthfuls — a non-alcoholic drink that complements the bold spices and flavours of the meal.

What drink do you reach for?

This was the question that sparked Bodha.

The Why

We’re becoming more adventurous and cultured with our eating habits.

The British food scene is no longer just fish and chips or a Sunday roast; we’re cooking and eating meals inspired by the cuisines of France, Italy, India, Thailand, Lebanon, China and beyond.

Yet as our palates have evolved and we’ve learned to love exotic flavours in our dishes, our beverages have been left behind.

We, Subha and Ros, colleagues and the founders of Bodha, {link to meet the founders page} ate lunch together in our staffroom for 18 months. We ate Indian, Thai and Middle Eastern meals — meals with spice.

But we found we had nothing to reach for except overly sugary soft drinks that masked the complex flavours of Eastern food. The drinks fell flat, and we realised we would be the ones to bring about change.

So, we started Bodha to create a soft drink evolution, inspired by Eastern nostalgia, born in London.

The Mission

We think you, taste-seeker and food-globetrotter, deserve more from your soft drinks. So, we put our heads together to bring the authentic taste of the East to Western beverages, taking inspiration from recipes handed down through generations.

Think rose, cardamom and chilli: botanicals and spice.

Food and drink are the heart of culture, and we believe nothing unites people more than a table filled with lovingly made food and thoughtful beverages.

It’s our mission to craft a range of drinks that harmonise with spice and elevate bold flavours – so when you order a steaming bowl of Thai green curry or share a home-cooked Indian feast with friends, you’ll feel confident in reaching for a Bodha premium soft drink.

The Ingredients

We take pride in using real botanical and spice extracts in our beverages. While crafting our recipes, we chose every ingredient carefully, with one eye on our environmental impact and the other on your health.

Bodha drinks are bottled or canned in recyclable packaging, and we source ethically produced ingredients — so you can sip away with a clear conscience.

Our premium drinks have a high water content to keep you hydrated and refreshed and are low in sugar. We don’t use artificial flavours, colours or additives, and our labels will never read like a science experiment. We use natural ingredients and choose organic wherever possible.

These are authentic drinks, made with simple ingredients just like they would be in homes all over the East.

Taste the Bodha difference - try our lightly sparkling Rose and Cardamom